Just Start

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There are 2 quotes that I love where starting anything is concerned:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to START to BE great.”

and the other one is 

“Day one, or one day.  It’s your choice.”

Sometimes it takes a good idea to get started.

Sometimes it takes life kicking you in the ass to get started.

Sometimes it takes getting over our crippling fear or self doubt to get started.

Maybe we’re afraid of what others will say or think.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to get started.

Or getting so damn fed up with your situation that you have no choice to start something new.

The truth is, we’re probably long overdue to start a blog on this website, and that’s changing today.

We’re starting.

We’ll talk about:

Youth sports.

Sport development.

Health & fitness.

Starting the business.

Life lessons.



Lessons learned.

All sorts of topics that touch directly, and indirectly, on the business and life

But we’re starting.

And we hope you come along.

Leave us a quick comment below and let us know what you’ve been meaning to start, but haven’t gotten around to just quite yet.


  • Mark