Earn Brozone Gift Rewards

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Take Action! Get Rewarded!

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TLDR) – The Short Version

Brozone rewards are here & you can benefit:

  •  When you take specific actions on & offline, we will reward you with digital gift cards through TANGO CARD, to the vendors of your choice
  • Actions like Google reviews, Product reviews, Facebook recommendations & more will earn you rewards
  • Referring friends will earn you rewards (More to come)
  • Quarterly bonus rewards are available
  • The person generating the most paid quarterly referrals will have a donation made in their name to a local charity on our list below.

The Long Version –  All The Details (Well.  Mostly.)

Did you know that according to the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the “Year of the Referral?”

No? Neither did we.  But who are we to argue with ancient Chinese traditions?

Anyway.  To continue to move forward as a company, we need to continually have new customers finding & trying the Brozone service. 

And the best way that we can think of to make that happen is to lean into our customers and to ask for your help spreading the word about Brozone as a company.  In order to get you to keep Brozone in the front of that big beautiful brain of yours, we figure that providing some type of reward  that
YOU will love, is just the ticket to keep you spreading the word about Brozone. 

So check this out!

We now have at our disposal a full-on gift card platform powered by Tango Card.  With over 200 companies to choose from, YOU get to choose how YOU get rewarded!  Love Target? You can choose Target.  Down with Chipotle?  Choose Chipotle.  Wanna blast Bezos into space again (maybe permanently?  Who are we to judge? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️)  Grab an Amazon gift card!

Now, when you take specific actions online and offline that help to increase Brozone’s visibility and future customer awareness, we are going to reward you for those actions.

Each action is going to have its own set value and they include:

  • Refer a friend – Receive 10% off your next Brozone membership renewal for every friend you refer using your custom link.  Refer multiple friends and stack 10% off coupons towards your next referral (Must hold an active Brozone membership. More info to come)
  • Leave a 5 Star Google Review – $10 gift card reward (you must have used the service)
  • Leave a positive Facebook Recommendation – $10 gift card reward for the 1st recommendation, $5 for subsequent recommendations (max. 1/month paid).  (you must have used our service)
  • Leave a 5 Star Product/Service review on our site – $10 gift card reward for each review (you must have used our service or purchased the product)
  • More options coming!

After the month has ended, we will tally up everybody’s rewards and you will receive an email from us through Tango Card by the 10th of the following month.  The email will look something like this:
Screenshot 2022 02 08 9.01.09 AM

Just click the “Redemption Link” then be whisked over to Tango Card and spend your rewards however you like.

You can use them all on one vendor, or divide them up over multiple vendors.  The choice is truly yours!

Now here’s the beauty of it, as long as you continue to refer friends, and they use our service you will continue to be rewarded.  However, in order to receive the 10% renewal discount on our cleaning service, and the $20 Tango Card reward you must 1st BE SIGNED UP FOR AND CARRY AN ACTIVE BROZONE CLEANING SERVICE MEMBERSHIP.


Whoever generates the most paid referrals for a quarter will receive their choice of one of the following items:


A $100 donation made in the winner’s name to one of the following local charities:

So, share the love, earn rewards and positively impact your community.

Win.  Win.  Win.

– The Brozone Team