How It Works: This is the perfect options for school districts, amateur & community organizations that want to raise a few dollars.  It works just like the “at-home” sanitizing option, but on a bigger scale and at your school or home playing venue.  In order to arrange this, there is a $95 up-front reservation fee paid either by the athletic department, organization, boosters or the community organization.  That $95 reserves the service for a 4 hour time slot. It is then incumbent upon the scheduling organization to make sure that there at least 16 sets of equipment to be sanitized during the four hour window.  We will collect payment from the parents and players directly for the service on the established treatment date, and once the sanitizing session is concluded, and provided at least 16 sets of equipment have been treated, we will refund the $95 reservation fee.  As long as Brozone averages 4 treated sets of equipment/hour we will refund the $95 reservation fee. Furthermore, once the 16 sets of equipment threshold is hit, we will then donate back 10% of net receipts to the hosting organization