Every Program Has The Same Need; Raising Funds

BROZONE Is Here To Help

Here’s How It Works

  •  Reach out to Brozone to claim a custom coupon code for your team (1 code/organization), email mark@staging.new.bro-zone.com
  • The code is good for 1 year.  After 1 year, a new team in the organization will be eligible for the code.
  • The custom code will save whoever uses it, regardless of team or organization $10 off our monthly or annual treatment plans
  • Every time the code is redeemed in a quarter, Brozone will donate $10 to whichever team claims the custom coupon (donation paid quarterly) Example: If the code is redeemed 10 times in Quarter 3, we will donate $100 to the team associated with custom coupon code.
  • Share your custom code with friends, teammates family members, neighbors and more via email and social media.  The more you spread the word, the greater your success can be.
  • Success is solely dependent upon the amount of effort put forth by the team that has claimed the custom code.

Bonus Structure

To Help You Succeed, We’ve Implemented a Bonus Structure

Here’s How It Works

  • For every 25 redemptions of your custom coupon code, we will donate an additional $100 to your team. (Bonus paid every 6 months)
  • Example: If your code is redeemed 50 times, your team will earn A. $500 ($10×50 redemptions) + B. $200 in bonus money (25 redemption threshold hit 2 times) for a total of $700.

Teams/Organizations with Claimed Codes

Moon Area Ice Hockey –  Code: Moon

Arctic Foxes –  Code: AF230

SHAHA Panthers – Code: SH164