Tournament Weekend Hotel Deodorizing & Sanitizing:  If you’ve ever been to a hockey or lacrosse tournament, you know how crazy the atmosphere at the arena or field can be.  You also know how much down-time there can be between games.  We are starting to work with “tournament-specific” hotels via the tournament directors.  Our aim is to be on-site and sanitizing your equipment in between your games and throughout the evening.  We are also offering overnight storage for your equipment, whether you sanitize it or not.  It’s 2016.  The days on choking on equipment fumes are over.  The best way to find us on tournament weekends and to determine which hotel we’ll be located, is to sign up for our email newsletter & to sync our calendar to your smartphone.  Also, following us on Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date.  Provided that we are affiliated with your tournament, you will see signage at the event location letting you know which hotel we are located, service dates & times, as well as pricing.