We’re Weren’t Wearing Masks Because of Surface Contamination

If the 2020 global pandemic taught us anything it’s that there is one key missing piece to keeping athletes, families, students and the workforce healthy; and that missing piece is indoor air quality.

Brozone is now the proud retailer, installer and distributor of cutting edge air purification technology manufactured by Greentech Environmental.

With scalable options to fit indoor spaces from 50 square feet to well 100,000 square feet and beyond, Brozone has a solution for you

Here are some examples of where this type of technology is being utilized:

  • NASA*
  • The New York Yankees*
  • Major College Athletics programs
  • Homes, Apartments & Hotels
  • Gyms & Fitness Studios
  • Schools, Daycares
  • Mass Transit
  • Restaurants, Bars & Night Clubs
  • Churches and Social Halls
  • Veterinary, Doctor & Dental offices

(*Not an endorsement)

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