We’ve Updated Our Prices & You Save Big!!!


Keeping your sports gear ROUTINELY sanitized and you/your children healthy shouldn’t cost you an arm & a leg.  Nor is this something that you should be doing once a season.   You don’t wash your clothes once a year, right?  Why would you only sanitize your sporting gear once per year, after wearing it for months on end?

With our new price point of $99 for five treatments, you save and now have the treatments in the bank to use throughout the year on your  terms.  Brozone is here to provide unbeatable service & value to you and your family.  Furthermore, you will get a punchcard to track the unused treatments.

Check out our price list below.  If your sport or activity isn’t listed below, call or email us.  We’ll figure it out for you.

Ice/Roller Hockey Forwards, Defense, Goalies: 5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $45/treatment)
Helmet, shoulder pads (1 set), elbow pads (1 pair), gloves (1pair), pants, shin guards, skates and/or all goalie equipment.

Baseball Catcher’s Equipment: 5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $35/treatment)
Helmet & face mask, chest protector, mitt, shinguards & cleats

Lacrosse:  5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $35/treatment)
Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves (1pair), cleats

Football:  5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $25/treatment)
Helmet, shoulder pads, cleats

Dek/Ball Hockey: 5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $25/treatment)
Helmet (if you wear one), elbow pads (1 pair), gloves (1pair), shin guards

Dek/Ball Hockey Goalie: 5 Treatments – $99 (Previously $35/treatment)
Helmet, chest protector, blocker, glove pants, pads

Running shoes: $10/pair of shoes

Additional pair of skates: $10/pair

Additional set of ice/dek/roller hockey or lacrosse gloves: $5/pair

Equipment bag: $5/bag