pureAir PERSONAL is a sleek, wearable air purifier that creates a personal 3 ft. clean-air zone by repelling particles from your breathing space. Visit friends and family without the negative effects of other’s pet dander, perfumes, or colognes.

When used with a conventional face filtering mask, continuous emission of unipolar air ions has been shown to considerably enhance the filtering efficiency against fine and ultra-fine particles.* The effect is driven by the electrostatic repelling forces that ions create between the mask and the aerosol particles.

Purification lasts all day, with a rechargeable battery providing over 24 hours of use per charge. It includes a USB charging cable, a leather necklace with jewelry clasp, and a leather carrying case. pureAir SOLO is not a medical device and is not a replacement for other practices recommended by the CDC.

This product can not be shipped to California.

Sleek, fashion-forward design

At only 2.9” L (75mm) x 2.1” W (54mm) x 1.1” D (27mm)  2.16 oz (61.2g), pureAir PERSONAL is comfortably designed for wearable purification on the go.

Features & Specifications

• Wearable, Creates a 3 ft. Personal Clean-Air Zone
• Easy to Use Fashion-Forward Design
• All-Day Purification, Rechargeable Battery Lasts 24+ Hours
• Jewelry Clasped Leather Lanyard, Charging Cable, and Carrying Case
• Adjustable Blue Operation LED (Switches ON/OFF)


• Ion-Based Active Air Technology
• Solid Platinum Emitter and Stainless-Steel Grille
• Silent, Fan-Less Operation


• Travel • Running Errands • Schools
• Waiting Rooms • Real Estate • Social Gatherings
• Gardening • Allergy Relief • And More!


*Enhancement effects of 20 fold to over 3000 fold were demonstrated depending on mask type. Lee et al. (2005). Filtering Efficiency of 95 and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators, Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments. Aerosol and Air Quality. Vol. 5, No. 1. pp. 25-38

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