We are a mobile sports equipment ozone sanitizing station

We get it. Life can be busy and to-do lists seem to go on and on. That’s why we come to you. By working with teams, organizations and event organizers, we can make your life easier by being where you already are so you don’t have to make an extra trip or worse, put off sanitizing.

Ozone cleaning, on site

Sports gear begins to stink because bacteria has embedded itself inside the foam and padding which is almost impossible to clean with traditional methods. Most people think to wash the equipment with soap and water, expecting that will do the trick. However since that’s a chore to do doubled with long dry times, most just put it off. Some people will simply use a surface disinfectant, but that doesn’t work because it’s molecules are too big and aren’t able to penetrate the pores of the foam and padding.


Ozone gas has the ability to neutralize a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and molds.The ozone molecule, because of its smaller size, is able to penetrate deep into the equipment’s fibers, foam and padding, makes it the perfect solution to sanitize gear.


Find us at your favorite local sports complex

You don’t wear the same clothes to the gym every day for a full year without sanitizing them. Why would you do the same to your child’s sports equipment? By frequently sanitizing, you’re protecting your child’s health and well being.


We’ll have you in and out!

We have a calendar here on the site so you can always see where we’ll be and we’ve made it really easy to make appointments. Simply meet us at our truck during your scheduled time and hang your gear on one of our equipment racks. It will be loaded onto a motorized equipment conveyor (similar to dry cleaning garment conveyor). Once loaded, the truck is closed and sealed and the treatment process begins. 

The sanitation process is completed anywhere between 30-40 minutes, depending on the load size. Speaking of load size, we’re the only mobile sanitation operation that can handle large scale sanitizing. Most companies that aren’t even mobile can only handle 2-3 sets of gear at once. We can accommodate 15 sets of gear at once—which means less time waiting around.

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