timo browntimo brown
16:18 28 May 22
Excellent service – highly recommend for hockey gear – makes the gear smell great – will do again soon
Michele MueserMichele Mueser
02:29 04 May 22
Brozone was at our local rink today. Scheduling was easy, appointments were efficient, and service was professional.Every piece of hockey equipment… skates, helmet, gloves, shin and neck guards, pants, chest and elbow protectors for my out player… skates, helmet, catcher, blocker, chesty, jock, knee and leg pads, and pants for my goalie AND both bags!Once you try this, I bet you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.
Brad WittmerBrad Wittmer
14:46 04 Apr 22
I meet Mark from Brozone at the RMU rink a day before going out of town for a hockey tournament. After looking at gear hangers and dryers on the internet and not really seeing anything I was satisfied with I remember the ones that Brozone used for the cleaning of the gear in their truck. It was a great fit and set up and if it worked that good for them and all the gear they clean it should be great for a hotel room and travel hockey to dry and hang up the gear as well. I purchased one and took it with us. It fit in my suitcase or I could of put it in the hockey bag as well. It was the perfect size for the closet and all the gear hooked on and balanced really well. Did its job and the gear was dry in couple hours for the next game each day. Space saver, super easy, my 12 year old could hang up all is stuff in seconds and take it down just a quick. Thanks Brozone PGH for the best set up with out breaking the bank. Anyone traveling for hockey, this is a great tool and needed piece, also great for basements and if you have limited space to hang gear to dry. I will be getting a second one for my other player in the family to!
Aaron HmelAaron Hmel
13:19 22 Mar 22
The BroZone mobile service is a convenient and effective way to sanitize my kids sports equipment and eliminate the odors. They provide monthly email updates of where and when they will be somewhere and have an easy online booking method to find an available time. It does not take very long for the service once on-site and they are typically in my area at least once or twice per month. Highly recommended if you have personal or family sports gear that needs regular cleaning.
Aleen AtencioAleen Atencio
12:17 27 Sep 21
What a difference in the cleanliness and smell! Such a great service and couldn’t ask for nicer people to deal with! Thanks for taking care of our sons hockey gear Brozone!

Used Gear?  No Problem!

This was the perfect solution to make me feel that the used lacrosse padding I got for my son would be clean and safe for him to use. So affordable and convenient- I highly recommend it!

Jason T. – Oakdale, PA – Adult Hockey League Player

Adult Leaguers. We Can Help You Too.

So glad I got my hockey gear cleaned by them. It was fast and affordable. Super convenient too! If you need some sports gear or anything else cleaned quickly and safely, call Brozone!

Danielle B. – Washington, PA – Happy Hockey Mom

Another Happy Hockey Mom

Amazing job! Loved that they came to our home. Our Hockey equipment has never smelled so clean and refreshed. Mark was so personable. I will recommend you guys to everyone.. loved it.

Angela W. – Pittsburgh, PA – Hockey Mom

We Created This Business For Mom

I just had that nasty gear Brozone”d” for the first time. AMAZING!!!! The car didn’t smell on the way home and my basement no longer smells like a locker room. I would recommend this to anyone that can relate. Mark was great!

Sara K. – Pittsburgh, PA

If It Fits In The Truck, We Can Treat It

Brozone was able to get the dog funk out of my area rug! Thanks so much! Mark was great and it was very easy to schedule the appointment.

Dave S. – Pittsburgh, PA